We fight against discrimination also in the regions

coalition“New Generation” humanitarian NGO’s Human rights and advocacy program coordinator Nare Hovhannisyan participated in the cconference of Non-discrimination and Equality Coalition (NDEC), named “Discrimination in Armenia: a year passed”.


The conference was attended by the public authorities, the representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations and NGOs.


In the first part of conference participants introduced the problems of this issue in Armenia, and ways of solutions. They also introduced the Coalition’s activities in the field of anti-discrimination, discussed the issues of legislation, and the importance of creating safe spaces, as well as the causes of discrimination and the negative effects of stereotypes.


“New Generation” representative Nare Hovhannisyan also spoke at the conference. Hereby we introduce  her speech.


”Let me thank you for this initiative, I would like to note that it’s very important for me to introduce the work which was done by “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO for the most discriminated people.


First of all very important to raise level of awareness. Very often NGOs in Armenia focus on Yerevan, and the regions remains out of our attention. For fulfilling this gap we pay attention to regions too.


Specifically, we are providing courses on human rights, discrimination, hate speech and freedom of expression issues. Also we provide trainings such  as “HIV and Human Rights”.


Such courses are intended by specific groups. Therefore to discuss and speak for LGBTI people problems we provide various discussions and conferences. We also discuss issues of LGBTI people and MSMs with representatives of international and diplomatic delegations. LGBTI persons are invited to discuss their problems face to face in this kind of meetings.


Also we are providing assessment of access to medical services. During this meetings LGBTI people introduce their problems by themselves.

We provide legal advice and the results of it are promising.  We are happy to see that community’s members are ready to fight for their violated rights and turn to judicial authorities. It is very important that LGBTI people apply to our NGO not only for discrimination cases, but also with problems related to their work, family and so on. This is a very important indicator for us and hope that our effeorts to empower LGBTI community were not in vain.

We also provide grants to other NGOs. These grants helped to create 3 organizations: “United way“, “United Colors“ and “Rights Side“ NGOs. Note that “Rights Side“ NGO is the first NGO who deals with transgender issues.