Why prevention of HIV is important? Traning in Gyumri and Vanadzor

Within the framework of “HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness-raising among MSM in Shirak, Lori regions and Yerevan city” project, New Generation Humanitarian NGO held one-day seminar-trainings on “HIV/AIDS Prevention, the Importance of HIV testing”, “Human Rights and HIV”, “Concept of Human Rights and Protection Mechanisms’’ in Vanadzor city of RA Lori region on April 21, 2017 and in Gyumri city of RA Shirak region, on April 22, 2017.

Training aimed to promote HIV and AIDS prevention among young people by raising their awareness and revealing the importance of HIV testing, as well as raise their awareness on human rights and the rights of people living with HIV.

Participants learned about HIV and AIDS terms, the difference between them, transmission of HIV and vital fluids, proper usage of condoms, the importance of  HIV testing, then they were introduced the human rights and fundamental freedoms, the stages of development of human rights, international agreements adopted by the Republic of Armenia, also a reference was made to provisions of RA law on “Prevention of Disease Caused by HIV”. 

In frames of topic “Legal status of citizens in enforcement agencies”, the participants learned about how to communicate with enforcement bodies, and they were also acquainted with the cases of Human rights violation.

Participants received theoretical knowledge with practical examples then used it during discussions, group games and activities.