Training in Yeghegnadzor

148On May 26-27, 2016 ″New Generation″ Humanitarian NGO organized ″Human rights, tolerance and prohibition of discrimination″ two-day training in Yeghegnadzor for about 20 representatives from Vayots Dzor Regional Administration, Yeghegnadzor Municipality, Territorial Employment Center, Aarhus Center, Civil Youth Center, Women’s Regional Association, Primary School N2 after H. Hovhannisyan, Vayots Dzor Regional State College, Vayots Dzor Regional Branch of the Armenian Red Cross Society and Yeghegnadzor Branch of the Armenian Relief Society.

After discussing general concepts, history, definition, protection mechanisms of human rights, in-state and international legislations with Arayik Zalyan the participants spoke up about main issues regarding human rights violations in the region and tried to find solutions together. At the second half of the first day they referred to freedom of speech and information, hate speech, defamation and abuse.

17Hasmik Harutyunyan talked about prohibition of discrimination, particularly its definition, types and protected grounds, the obligations of the State in fight against discrimination, and need of adopting an anti-discrimination law in Armenia.

Based on their theoretical knowledge acquired during the two days the participants practiced their skills on writing a complaint, its response as well as inquiry on the information, filled in thematic tests, discussed a number of tasks on human rights violations and organized a moot mourt based on ECHR precedential decision of ″V.V. against Russia″ case through presenting the court, the plaintiff and defendant parties.

89In evaluation forms the participants expressed their satisfaction with the content, organizational aspects, efficiency and accessibility of the training and mentioned that during those two days they were given an opportunity to think about the manifestations of discrimination in their environment and highlight the fact that everyone should be informed about their rights as well as be protected.

Certificates of participation were given to all of the attendees.

The training was organized in the scope of ″Human rights for diversity and equality″ project financed by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.