Training course for 11 representatives from 7 Territorial Military Registration and Enlistment Offices from Yerevan

DSCN6239″New Generation″ Humanitarian NGO  with the financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Georgia conducted ″Awareness of issues of vulnerable groups and prohibition of discrimination″ three-day training, which was designed for 11 representatives of 7 Territorial Military Registration and Enlistment Offices from Yerevan.

During the three days the participants discussed main concepts, definitions, history, generations of human rights, familiarized with international and in-state laws, international legal documents, observed types and protected grounds of discrimination, and learnt about state obligations in the fight against discrimination. They also discussed causes and means for prevention of human rights violations of vulnerable groups, such as religious, sexual, ethnic minorities and women in the Armed Forces.

DSCN6279On the last day of the training the participants tried to identify main manifestations and spheres of discrimination. According to their discussion discrimination is mainly displayed in force structures, educational and judiciary systems. Referring to reasons of discrimination, they singled out the following factors: stereotypes, law level of awareness, absence of the political will and legislative gaps. To struggle discrimination they emphasized the importance of the control over the application of the law and frequent initiation of awareness raising events. 

DSCN6300Within the framework of the ″Reinforcement of legislative mechanisms regarding protection of rights of vulnerable groups for rule of law″ similar trainings were previously organized for lawyers/attorneys, human rights defenders, journalists, representatives of Criminal-Executive Institutions and  psychiatric centers from 10 regions of Armenia and Yerevan.