The Court refused the claim against Iravunk newspaper

On 27/11/2015 the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash with the presiding judge Apinyan refused “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO’s claim against Iravunk and obliged the NGO to pay 100.000 AMD to Iravunk for attorney related costs.

The Verdict

– To refuse the claim of “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO against Iravunk newspaper and its editor ilona Azaryan for publically apologizing, publishing the court verdict and compenmsating the organization.
– To oblige “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO to pay 100.000 AMD to “Iravunk” newspaper and Ilona Azaryan for attorney related costs.

Background of the case:

In number 62 (2410) paper of “Iravunq” newspaper published on 6-9 June 2014 under the title “Antinational” an article was published with the following title: “When the grant sucker protectors of homo-addicted people receive state support. Though the article is the interview of Armen Papyan, head of Youth Policy administrative department of Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of RA, nevertheless before the interview there was the following article about the claimant with bold letters. Quotation from the article: “It turns out that Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of RA awards as best organizations of the year and gives Letter of Appreciation also to the organizations which call to “respect human rights” and “end up homophobia”, thus protecting homo-addicted people. On May 17 “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO had come up with similar announcement, which was awarded by Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs as the best organization in Shirak Region last year. We tried to clarify for which values the organization which protects anti moral human garbage and turned the national holiday of Independence Day (September 21) in Gyumri into pacifist-tolerast campaign was awarded as the best…”/see the copy of newspaper attached to this Statement of Claim/.

In the center of the article there is a photo of young people holding USA flag and “No hate speech” poster. On the bottom of the photo the following comment is written: “21 September 2013: “New Generation” NGO is defiling in fact holiday of Independence day implementing pacifist event. Demonstrators are holding most of all “No hate speech” posters. This slogan is number 1 among the homosexuals’ lobbyists.”

The organization applied to the court for justice (Arm.)