Human Rights Vioaltions of LGBTI People in Armenia: Survey


The Survey is conducted by ”New Generation” Humanitarian NGO with the financial support of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.

Intolerance, discriminatory attitudes, and multiple instances of hate speech and human rights violations towards the LGBTI people continue to be a problem in Armenia. The vicious cycle of intolerance has taken deep roots in the various layers of the society from TV channels to family values and power structures, from political, civil, and social initiatives to interpersonal relationships. Along with the various public processes, this phenomenon has ensured all-round presence in all levels of society. The lack of information about the problems faced by the LGBTI people, the publicity of the amateurish views of incompetent people hyped by the mass media, and the exploitation of people’s sexual orientation within civil and political processes, create multifaceted stereotypes which contribute to the formation and publicizing of the ungrounded and unreal perceptions about the LGBTI people. This atmosphere causes interpersonal difficulties and leads to human rights violations, including encroachment on human dignity and sexual harassment, subsequently creating an undemocratic path where the chances of achieving (or at least approaching) an equitable and democratic state is next to zero. Achieving this kind of state can help Armenia to become a part of civilized world in the future.

In every country the LGBTI people are an integral part of the society, reflecting the peculiarities, stereotypes, and traditions of that very society. LGBTI people are also worried about the same socio-political, cultural, sports, religious, legal, and military issues as other members of society. The more intolerant the society grows, the more intolerant can be the members of the LGBTI groups towards their own selves. Therefore, public tolerance is very important and can have a positive impact on the formation of a healthy attitude in each person and citizen.

Increasing the voice of LGBTI citizens in our society can induce qualitative changes in the public, building a society that is tolerant, respectful of human rights, educated, non-discriminatory, non-violent, and democratic.

Nevertheless, intolerance towards the LGBTI people in Armenia sweeps over various spheres of public life and finds expression in human rights violations, discriminatory attitudes, and other wrongful manifestations.