In 2016 “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO recorded numerous successes

Dear Friend,

In a few days, we will say goodbye to 2016. For us it was a year full of activities, struggle and achievements.

In 2016, our organization has carried out numerous projects to protect human rights, strengthen civil society, establish cooperation with state institutions, continue HIV and AIDS prevention and youth exchange programs.

I regret to say that there are still some issues that need to be changed, it is the presence of stigma and discrimination, judges’ biased approach to litigations of strategic importance, the treatment of vulnerable groups in criminal-executive institutions, etc.

This year, we provided legal and psychological consultations to hundreds of citizens and the provision of HIV related services reached 1500. We also managed to support few families in need.

It is worth mentioning that ”New Generation” Humanitarian NGO provided sub-grants to civil society institutions and assisted the creation of the first NGO dealing with transgenders՛ rights in Armenia. Our team recruited new staff members and experts, have found new partners both in Armenia and abroad.

This is our modest contribution to the protection of human rights and civil society in Armenia. So let me congratulate all of us on upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays.

Let 2017 be a year of love, respect and peace.


With best wishes,

 Sergey Gabrielyan

”New Generation” Humanitarian

NGO President