Statement about the fisical attack on Right Side NGO and its visitors


RA, Yerevan                                                                            July 6, 2017

Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO has reported to the police that on July 4, 2017, at around 8 pm, a group of Right Side NGO beneficiaries were attacked because of their visit to the NGO.

In particular, according to the preliminary information, the attacker lives next door to the NGO office; so the given person aggressively inquired about the purpose the beneficiaries visited that place and also inflicted physical violence against one of the beneficiaries during the argument. A little later the offender’s wife joined in and started calling out threats and hate speech against Right Side NGO president Lilit Martirosyan. When Lilit Martirosyan tried to bring the offenders to their senses by warning that she would turn to law enforcement bodies, the offender’s wife stated that she worked at the municipality and was not afraid of anything.

We – the undersigned CSO representatives demand:

– From law enforcement bodies to conduct a proper and impartial investigation of the case and bring the offenders to responsibility.

– From all state and local self-government bodies to be fair and impartial complying with the requirements of law, as well as to be consistent so that perpetrators of such actions do not escape responsibility.

  • New Generation Humanitarian NGO
  • Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO
  • Real World, Real People NGO
  • Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor Office NGO
  • Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation (ACGRC)
  • Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM)
  • Progress of Gyumri Civil Society Development Center NGO
  • Protection of Rights without Borders NGO
  • Public Information and Need of Knowledge NGO
  • Women Resource Center NGO
  • Peace Dialogue NGO
  • Journalists for Human Rights NGO
  • Agat NGO
  • ‘’Sose’’ Women Issues NGO
  • Helsinki Association Human Rights Defender NGO