“Solidarity Dinner” for LGBTQI people

On February 28, 2017 “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO provided a “Solidarity Dinner” for LGBTQI people in office.

One of the key factors of well-being as individually as well as in community is the sense of solidarity.

Because of overloaded daily problems, we are often neglecting our relationships with ourselves, other people and the world.

Such an atmosphere sometimes becomes to cause of conflict situations, and instead of rapport and understanding we are aggravating the situation.

Solidarity dinner aimed to gather under one roof LGBTQ + people, to wake up atmosphere of solidarity within and among in a positive environment delicious dinner.

Guests shared their thoughts on what is solidarity for them, and is it important for all of us in our lifes or in the community.

In the end of event the much-awaited box opened, which was full of “Overcoming fears over the HIV together” trainings participants wishes and willingness for the making the world more prosperous and inclusive.

One of the meeting facilitator’s benefits is that the group always in the center of Your attantion, and You can be involved in everything what is happening in the room. From this point of view the meeting was very productive .

It was inspiring for me to listen people’s opinions about solidarity, which were also tutorial, and very valuable being in touch with their personal stories. It was nice to occasionally notice that the room is being flooded with breath of empathy.

I believe that sometimes such meetings are necessary, because the direct and kindly environment contributes to the gradual relaxing from internal constraint, why not, also for pal and establishing an atmosphere of solidarity.

It was also noted, that there were people who came to organization for first time , I think our initiatives for such events makes community more united and forming healthy relationships.

Facilitator of «Solidarity dinner» psycologyst Elvira Meliksetyan