Small victory. Attorney Garik Galikyan received a warning notice from the Chamber of Attorneys of Armenia for hate speech

download (1)On June 13, 2016 the Chamber of Attorneys of Armenia issued a warning notice statement to the attorney Garik Galikyan, who made a hate speech to LGBTI people on a ATV show ”Semi-open windows’’.

As an expert, Garik Galikyan, who was taking part in TV show, said: ”I was fighting against them (he means LGBTI people), I am fighting and I will fight. When I’ll see them I’ll step on, I’ll trample them, burn them… Do you know how many people are rot in the prisons because of them? Yes, I always stepped on I will and I’ll keep on going like this’’.

After the show broadcasting, ”New Generation” Humanitarian NGO appealed to the Chairperson of the Chamber with the request for initiation of proceedings against attorney Garik Galikyan.

Ara Zohrabyan, the president of the chamber of attorneys, taking investigation of the ”New generation» Humanitarian NGO’s application, decided to give disciplinary proceedings for Galikyan’s expressions.

         After the hearings and proof confirmations’ proceeding the Council decided to impose a disciplinary notice to Galikyan.

Main source in Armenian can be found HERE