img_2462″New Generation” Humanitarian NGO highlights the importance of education on human rights in regions to expand its networks as well as to build strong communication among community members.

″New Generation″ is the only organization which implements HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness raising project among MSM’s in Shirak, Lori regions and in Yerevan. 

Every year the organization organizes seminar-trainings to raise the level of knowledge and awareness of project beneficiaries on sexual education. While participating in those seminars project beneficiaries also receive legal consulting.  

At the training in Gyumri NGO President Sergey Gabrielyan presented general issues of HIV and AIDS in the world, as well as basic principles of HIV diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The importance of HIV consultation and prevention was particularly emphasized. 


The training was initiated in the scope of “HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness raising among MSM in Shirak, Lori regions and in Yerevan city” project which is implemented with the financial support of the Global Fund against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, Mission East/Armenia.