Seminar on “Human Rights and HIV” for the MSM community

New Generation Humanitarian NGO has always highlighted people’s awareness of both HIV and Human Rights and new knowledge transfer to different members of the society. For this purpose, New Generation Humanitarian NGO held a regular seminar on “Human Rights and HIV” for the MSM community representatives on June 15, 2017 in Yerevan. People of different ages participated in the training which made the discussions more interesting. The training was conducted by NGNGO lawyer Lusine Nalbandyan. At the beginning of the training Lusine found out the participants’ views on the concept of Human Rights in an interactive way. The participants were actively involved in the discussion and each of them expressed their own  view of legal consciousness.

First, the lawyer introduced the general concept of Human Rights, and then followed the introduction of  Natural Rights of the Person through  a visual chart of “Natural and Positive Rights in form of a tree” and the explanation of their co-relations.

During the training, the participants discussed fundamental freedoms and essential personal rights, in particular, they were acquainted with the right to life, the right to work, to free choice of employment, the right to start a family,  prohibition of torture as an absolute principle and a number of other concepts. It was also helpful to refer to a number of local and international legal acts that establish fundamental human rights.

During the workshop, the participants also completed the Individual Network of Interrelations psychological game form, which revealed the subjective approach of each participant to discrimination.

The seminar became more meaningful as rights protection mechanisms were presented to the participants  both ways of applying to the local authorities and on the international level.

Judicial Protection of Rights, especially the European Court of Human Rights, was presented in details  and a small informative video was shown describing   the cases and  requirements under which  the ECHR admits the case.

The lawyer presented a few judicial precedents that have been adopted by the ECHR and have a great practical significance.

As for the topic of HIV and Human Rights, the participants were told that, in fact, there are many people living with HIV however they often face discrimination. It was interesting to note that the results of HIV testing at the beginning and the end of the training were satisfying. The participants  got acquainted with the rights and responsibilities of people living with HIV, learned that people living with HIV are released from military service. At the end of the training the participants received legal consultation as well as activists’ mapping was conducted from among the participants to create MSM and Trans* community activists’ database aimed at actively involving the communities in human rights defense activities particularly in monitoring and documentation of cases of violation of the rights to healthcare.

It should be noted that the training was organized  within the framework of  Right to Health project which  is implemented by ″New Generation″ Humanitarian NGO in partnership with ”Right Side” Human Rights NGO and funded by Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM), Global Fund.