Safety of Gevorg Safaryan

Գևորգ-Սաֆարյան-588x330_0On January 21, 2015, around 10 p.m. the members of the Public Group of monitors over the criminal-executive bodies and institutions of the Ministry of Justice of Armenia RA (Hereinafter the Group) visited the “Nubarashen” Criminal-Executive Institution upon to the urgent call.  

During the visit the observers R. Sargsyan, O. Zalyan, A. Sahakyan and S. Gabrielyan had a meeting with Gevorg Safaryan.  

The group members were highly concerned about the formed situation regarding the issues of Gevorg  Safaryan’s safety.

On January 22, 2016, the Group presented an urgent report to the Ministry of Justice of the RA. In the report cases of human rights violations, disclosed at the criminal-executive institutions, and relevant conclusions were presented to the relevant bodies, which need urgent solutions.

Official responds of the urgent reports are given within 3 business days. The monitoring group will publicize the content of the urgent report and official comments as soon as the respond of the Ministry of Justice of the RA is available. 

Please note that On January 20, 2016 the Group visited the “Nubarashen” Criminal-Executive Institution, held a private conversation with G. Safaryan and based on the disclosed issues the Group expressed its concerns to the staff and Administration of the “Nubarashen” CEI, the Ministry of Justice of the RA.