LIFE-3 Offsite Information Platform for MSM and Trans* Community Representatives

It’s been the third time that offsite Information Platform was held by ”New Generation” Humanitarian NGO within the framework of Right to Health project. And this time again the Information Platform was organized for newly-starting MSM and Trans* activists.

The information platform was aimed at raising awareness on the right to health among the representatives of MSM and Trans* communities, enhancing their legal consciousness, acquainting them with the in-state and international human rights protection mechanisms as well as promoting the involvement of the community in the bodies of National Response to HIV.

On the first day of LIFE 3 Information Platform there was the plenary session where the participants met the officer at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Georgia, Lela Lomia and discussed the general issues and problems that the LGBTI+ community faces, the violation of their rights in  healthcare sector, their needs, and programmes on Response to HIV and AIDS. Representatives of Trans* community presented the problems they faced in healthcare sector, i.e. the issue of hormonal therapy and absence of retrained endocrinologists, and also the issues of violation of their rights by the police and transphobic attitude of state bodies and the society were touched.

Later the participants were transported to the city of Aghveran where the information training took place. First, they were introduced to the topic of Sexuality presented by psychologist and sexuality expert, Elvira Meliksetyan. The expert presented the concept of sexuality, spoke about gender and its different types, as well as sexual orientation and its diverse manifestations.

On the second day of LIFE 3 Information Platform, NGNGO lawyer Anahit Mkrtchyan informed the participants about the state-guaranteed free medical care and service, and also the RA healthcare workers’ low level of legal consciousness and of medical knowledge on LGBTI+ related issues, their discriminatory attitude and prevention mechanisms of such manifestations of discrimination were discussed within the framework of Right to Health topic. The entire meeting was full of interesting video-screenings and practical activities. The Fundamental Human Rights, Application Procedure to the European Court of Human Rights; the Rights, Obligations and Privileges of People Living with HIV were discussed within the framework of the topic on Human Rights.

The second day of the Information Platform also included a Plenary Session with the participation of ECOM program director Elena German via video-call during which the participants were able to ask the questions they had relating to the project.

Next executive director of Public Information and Need of Knowledge, Mamikon Hovsepyan presented his own experience in the field of activism. Mamikon Hovsepyan was also flooded with numerous questions from the participants and gave exhaustive answers to every question.

Later ”Right to Health” project manager Sergey Gabrielyan and project coordinator Artyom Movsesyan talked about the CCM activities in Armenia, the importance of the involvement of MSM and Trans* Community representatives in the decision making process. The representatives of MSM and Trans* Communities were also asked how they saw the future activities within the ”Right to Health” project.

At the end of the meeting, the evaluation of the Information Platform was carried out by the participants and afterwards they were awarded with certificates of attendance.

″Right to Health″ project is implemented by ″New Generation″ Humanitarian NGO with the financial support of Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM), on the funds of The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria.


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