The citizen appealed to the court for the vioalation of his privacy

A.S. has applied to “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO’s legal department requesting legal assistance as the Military Commissariat violated his right to privacy.


The citizen’s driver’s license was revoked by the Traffic Police based on the information transferred from the Military Commissariat. The military commissariat has provided the Traffic Police the list of those individuals who were exempt form compulsory military service in 2010-2012 because of their mental illnesses. A.S. is also in the list with his private data.


Citizen, arguing that his right to privacy has been violated, with the support of “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO’s Legal Department has appealed to the Administrative Court.

A.S. asked the Administative Court to recognize the unlawfulness of the decision to revoke his driving license by the Traffic Police. He also asked to recognized that he has been discriminated by the Traffic Police.


A.S. has also applied to the Head of Personal Data Protection Department of staff of Ministry of Justice of RA, Shushan Doydoyan asking to recognize the fact of violation of his privacy by the Military Commissariat.