Individual problems are solved, systematic are not





The Group of Public Monitors implementing supervision over the criminal-executive institutions and bodies of the Ministry of Justice of RA presented its 2014-2015 report. It clearly outlines the problems and obstacles that arrested people face. The group members drew attention to the fact that their work have been obstructed during 2016.

Member of the group Robert Revazyan noted that since 2005, the group had not had problems of access and meeting with any convicted individual. “In 2016 a policy invested that if an injunction against any person assigned by the investigator, the monitoring group  cannot communicate with that person. At the same time, members of the group were not allowed to enter the cell and monitor. The group was banned from entering detainees’ cells in general” Arayik Zalyan, the head of monitoring group said that the certain issues were registered related to the medical care, early release, storage conditions, overpopulation and people with special needs. He pointed out that problems related to individuals are solved but change of the system as a whole is very slow. Member of the monitroing group, representative of ”New Generation” NGO Arman Sahakyan informed that discrimination in the criminal-executive institutions and bodies of the Ministry of Justice of RA remains one of the main detected problems. Inmates who do not obey unwritten laws and homosexuals are subjected to discrimination.




Arman Sahakyan explained that these people are often moved to separate cells according to their application. Inmates of separate cells are labeled by others.

There is a practice of discrimination against people who need methadone treatment. These people are subjected to double discrimination. “Inmates told us that the staff of the criminal-executive institutions demand some services in order to register these people for free-of-charge methadone treatment. But they have a right to this treatment and do not have to do an extra work for it”,- said Arman Sahakyan.

Deputy Justice Minister Suren Krmoyan noted that they are familiar with the report and have presented their objections, but nevertheless they will try to give solution to the problems raised.