”Reinforcement of legislative mechanisms regarding protection of rights of vulnerable groups for rule of law”

Neth NGNGOSince May 2015 “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO implements ”Reinforcement of legislative mechanisms regarding protection of rights of vulnerable groups for rule of law” funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Georgia. 

The goal of the project is to promote the increase of the knowledge of state and non-state actors and human rights defenders in the field of fight against discrimination and torture and to ensure equal opportunities of gay men and MSM by making relevant changes in the legislation for alternative compulsory military service.


  1. To promote human rights, rule of law in state and non-state institutions (Chamber of Attorneys, judges, police and non-governmental organizations) through formation of the anti-discrimination attitude and increasing knowledge in the field. Representatives of target groups from 10 regions of Armenia and Yerevan will be informed/educated about torture (Istanbul Protocal), discrimination (especially prescribed in international documents and treaties ratified by RA), and ”Stigma and hate speech” towards the LGBT/MSM people.
  1. To organize and develop with interested organizations amendment for the law on Military Service about alternative military service which will regulate military service of the vulnerable groups in the Armed Forces of RA. Meeting-discussions in 10 regions of Armenia and in Yerevan with civil society organizations and other interested institutions in order to present the problem and get a feedback on how to develop the concept of the law amendment. The draft law / normative document on Alternative Military Service, blood donating and sex change. The examination of the relevant legislation for compulsory military service and to present conclusions with relevant suggestions in the form of amendment for the law to the national authorities (the Government, Ministry of Defense).

Target groups

  • Attorneys /lawyers,
  • Representatives of Military service,
  • Police representatives,
  • Representatives of criminal-executive institutions (prisons),
  • Representatives of human rights defender organizations,
  • Representatives of mass media.

 The target groups will be selected nation-wide from 10 regions of Armenia and Yerevan city. 


  • May-25- 2015 – May-25-2016

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