On October 9, 2017, at 16:00-18:00, public discussion on Fight against Domestic Violence. Implemented Activities and Further Steps in the conference hall of the new adjacent building of Matenadaran.

During the meeting, RA Minister of Justice, Davit Harutyunyan made a speech where he stated that there had long been a public demand for such law. 3571 cases of domestic violence was officially registered by RA police in 2012-2016. Moreover, according to the data provided by RA Investigation Committee murders in the context of domestic violence comprised 17 percent of the murders registered in 2015.

RA Investigation Committee Representative Davit Tumasyan also made a speech during the discussion. He stated that only in 2016, 359 criminal cases were registered 61.7 % of which involved beating. Besides it is worthy of note that the number of cases of violence by women against their husbands  has increased: if in 2016, it comprised only 1% of the total number, in 2017 it reached up to 4.3%.

During the speech one of the opponents to the draft came up to minister Davit Harutyunyan and ombudsman Arman Tatoyan and said, “Mister Tatoyan, how does it happen that propagandists of homosexual addiction, propagandize this law as well?”

Later coordinator of For the Sake of Sovereignty Initiative, Hayk Nahapetyan, head of Luys Information and Analytic Center Hayk Ayvazyan, Khachik Stambultsyan and other opponents to the law started demanding the floor. The moderator informed them that they would have an opportunity to speak during questions and answers. Most of the opponents didn’t accept that, they started yelling and surrounded the minister with their demands and complaints. As a result there was a big commotion in the conference hall.

Hayk Nahapetyan first called on his co-thinkers to leave the hall then he turned to the organizers of the discussion by saying, ”You can go to the fa…ots with that format.”

Eventually the boycotters of the discussion were allowed to speak.

 Coordinator of For the Sake of Sovereignty Initiative, Hayk Nahapetyan spoke for 15 minutes and concluded his speech with the following sentence, ”If this bill is brought in the National Assembly, we’ll publicly demonstrate our position; this is not a blackmail but words spoken with love.”

After the latter’s speech, some of the opponents tried to take the microphone with force and speak. This led to majority of the representatives of public sector leaving the hall.

After long  disputes Bishop Michael Ajapahyan, Primate Of Shirak Diocese was finally given the floor but the latter was also disrespectfully interrupted by the opponents several times.
New Generation Humanitarian NGO condemns this form of struggle and calls on the representatives of the opponent party to display well-founded and more civil position.