“New Generation” hosted its Russian-speaking partners from Germany

In 2016 “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO recorded numerous successes, among them is the establishment of profound cooperation with partners from Germany. This year ”New Generation” hosted the Russian-speaking human rights defenders from Germany who visited Armenian to get familiarized with the activities of the organization and to develop new projects for cooperation.

Representatives of the ”Junost” – the Union of Russian-speaking youth in Germany and ”Quarteera” Russian-speaking LGBT NGO in Germany during the week of their visit together with “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO developed projects scheduled for 2017. Next year members of “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO will visit Germany to strengthen cooperation.

“This year together with “New Generation” we were involved in a program which took place in Germany and Ukraine. We very quickly made friends with Armenian delegation and realized that we can implement joint projects”, says Svetlana Prokhorova, representative of “Junost” office in Bavaria.

Svetlana says that they were able to design two projects for future implementation. “There are already concrete plans and ideas and they relate not only to the rights of LGBT persons. We want to implement a project on migrants’ rights as well. Migrants’ issue is very actual nowadays in Germany”, says Svetlana Prokhorova.


Yulia Grineva, representative of ”Quarteera” NGO told us that they are helping activists from former Soviet Union countries to meet and interact with each other. “I am very pleased that we are joined this program. Often neighboring countries establish easier communication among themselves and start working together due to our support. “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO implements projects aimed at protecting the rights of LGBT people, so there should be many great opportunities for our cooperation”.


“Churhces are so different here…”


Julia and Svetlana also shared their impressions of the country. “We liked the entire visit, as we were treated very warmly and friendly without any pathos. Everything was taken care by our Armenian partners. We enjoyed our stay in Armenia, we people living in this country. For example, when we go to a market, people represent their products to us very kindly, but do not force as to buy it, or do not say bad things if you do not buy anything. We have eaten here many delicious dishes”, Julia smiles.

“We had a good cultural program. We visited Khor Virap, Echmiadzin, Geghard. The churches are so different here. When I go inside, I feel that this is a place where you can be yourself with you, no matter which religion you belong to. People here are very generous. All are ready to speak with you, in a cafe, in a taxi”, says Svetlana.

Russian-speaking human rights defenders say they look forward to their Armenian colleagues’ visit to Germany.