First Meeting of “Let’s talk” Trust Club at “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO

On December, 2017,  the first meeting of “Let’s talk” Trust Club took place at the office of “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO.

The meeting was aimed at building warm and open relations, recognition of your own self and the people sitting next to you and possible establishment of future cooperation through psycho-philosophical discussion and friendly atmosphere of trust.

The event started by a meditation led by Areg Mirzoyan. After the meditation a number of previously chosen psycho-philosophical issues and questions were discussed. The questions were aimed at revealing your own self and the person next to you, fundamental issues of life were discussed as well.

 The main topic of the meeting was the Trust as a Concept and Its Role in Our Life.

The participants were very pleased with the results of the event and filled with positive energy.

“New Generation” Humanitarian NGO thanks the event organizer  Areg Mirzoyan and all the participants.

And we are happy to inform you that this event will be continuous.