Training for representatives of municipalities in Gyumri

On February 8-10, 2017 representatives of municipalities from Yerevan and regions of Armenia participated in a training-course on the topic of ″Prohibition of discrimination for a democratic society″ for which was held in Gyumri.

The goal of the training was to increase the sensitivity of the representatives of municipalities towards LGBT issues through educating them on human rights violations of LGBT people and creation of protection mechanisms, as well as the importance of prevention of torture and discrimination against them.

During the three days remarkable issues concerning the above-mentioned topics were discussed and comprehensive explanations were given by the trainers, Artak Zeynalyan and Ara Ghazaryan.

In the scope of the training the representatives of the municipalities were particularly introduced the concept of human rights, creation of protection mechanisms of human rights violations of LGBTI people, the spheares where discrimination and hate speech towards LGBTI people are mostly demonstrated, the distinctions among hate speech and freedom of speech, as well as defamation and insult was discussed.

The training was conducted in the scope of the ″Promoting the Human Rights of LGBTI People in the Armenian Society″ project which is implemented with the financial support of the US Agency for International Development / USAID/.