“United Response to HIV” movie was screened on December 1st (video, photos)


On 1st of December multi-functional platform LOFT was turned to conference hall for the fight against HIV. Activists who are involved in HIV/AIDS prevention programs were gathered in one place. On that day “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO introduced the documentary film “United Response to HIV” which tells about the united struggle against HIV/AIDS in Armenia.The film focuses on the ongoing projects and future changes and potential problems associated with this issue.

The idea of making this movie belongs to Sergey Gabrielyan, the President of “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO. The film represents all NGOs that provide services to vulnerable groups. Representatives of NGOs talk about issues regarding continuity of their programs. For the first time beneficiaries “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO, men who have sex with men also talk about the program. They spoke about services provided to them and about its importance.



As the film director Arman Gharibyan says “United Response to HIV” is a good opportunity for the public to understand the importance of such programs and HIV testing. “This movie has several goals. First of all we have tried to show the huge work done by the united efforts of our State, international and local organizations”, Arman says. The film focuses on the continuity of HIV/AIDS prevention programs, existing concerns and possible solutions regarding it. Last but not the least the movie aims to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS making its modest contribution to prevention programs.



Office manager of “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO’s Yerevan branch Arman Sahakyan in his opening speech marked that “New Generation” has a unique contribution to the field of struggle against HIV/AIDS in Armenia, as it cooperates with Governmental and non-governmental many organizations, individuals. While implementing its projects “New Generation” has always been supported by many international institutions and funds.

“In keeping with its mission, the organization has initiated the shooting of the film. We hope you will like it, and it will become a part of your future fight against AIDS”, said Arman Sahakyan.


“United Response to HIV” movie is available online


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