Ministry Representatives Informed for the Prevention of Discrimination and Establishment of Democratic Society

On 25-28, 2017, New Generation Humanitarian NGO held training on Prevention of Discrimination for the Sake of Democratic Society, in the city of Gyumri. Representatives of RA Ministries of Healthcare, Culture, Territorial Administration and Development, and Sport and Youth Affairs took part in the training.

The goal of the training was to increase the participants’ sensitivity towards LGBT issues: Violations of the Human Rights of LGBT people and protection mechanisms, Prevention of discrimination and hate speech against them.

On the first day of the training, legal expert Hasmik Harutyunyan presented the concept, origin and generations of human rights, local and international human rights organizations, after which she gave a detailed description of the situation of LGBTI people’s rights in Armenia, the legal documents and assumed commitments of Armenia and legal regulations of violation of the rights of LGBT people.

On the second day of the training, lawyer of New Generation Humanitarian NGO, Anahit Mkrtchyan presented the topic of Freedom of Speech vs. Hate Speech; within the framework of this topic the following subjects were introduced: Freedom of Speech, the Concept of Non-material Benefits, Insult, Slander, Hate Speech. Next, she referred to the penal consequences of hate speech, procedure and conditions of compensation for the damage caused to honor, dignity or business reputation.

On the third day, the participants discussed the theory of equality and discrimination with Anahit Chilingaryan, next they referred to the universal prohibition of discrimination and types of discrimination, protected grounds of discrimination and international and in-state legal regulations on prohibition of discrimination.

The training was full of practical activities, games, screening of topical video-materials and discussions.