Meeting with representatives of Eurasian Coalition on Male Health / ECOM /

On 8 of March 2017 organized a meeting in “New Generation” Humanitarian NGOs office with project manager of the Eurasian Coalition on Male Health / ECOM /  Yelena German, and Defense expert on legal issues Yuri Yurski.

On 8th March of 2017 organized a meeting with project manager of the “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO organized a meeting “Eurasian Men’s Health Coalition» / ECOM / Program Manager Elena Gherman and legal issues of interest to the defense specialist Yuri Yurskii.

At the beginning of the meeting “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO’s president Sergey Gabrielyan introduced the history of the NGO, referring to the organization’s mission, its goals and directions.

During speech of projects Sergey Gabrielyan emphasized the obstacles that NGO faces in atmosphere of intolerance towards LGBT persons by the various governmental agencies.

Then program coordinators of the NGO Nare Hovhannisyan and Artyom Movsisyan spoke about  LGBT+ people rights, and prevention of HIV among MSM prevention projects, particularly highlighting organization achievements in the field of LGBT+ and MSM rights and advocacy. The NGO outreach workers talked about the features and performance of the work with MSM people.

The guests were interested in the research that the “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO initiated to highlight the reasons for the manifestation of hate speech against LGBT+ persons key sectors in Armenia and sex change legal regulation needs issues.

Then the “Eurasian Coalition On men Health” / ECOM / Project Manager Elena German introduced Ukraine’s experience of theHIV prevention services among MSM people and history  and goals establishing of ECOM.

At the end ECOM Defense expert on legal issues Yuri Yurski provided a seminar on topic “Sexuality and transgenderity”, especially emphasied issues of intersex persons.