REPORT Manifestation of Attitudes and Hate towards LGBTI People and the Violation of Their Rights

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From June 1 to November 20, 2015 time-period, on the online environment of RA, analysis had been conducted on the manifestation of attitudes and hate towards LGBT people and the violation of their rights.

About 10 thousand publications had been studied including journalistic material, opinions – records in the social networks, opinions on the online materials, videos and recordings imposed by the media, which again had been discussed online.

Different events, that were carried out on civil, political and cultural levels, were accompanied by different hate and defensive records towards the LGBT community and explosive discussions on the social networks, websites and the media.

Scandalous headlines about the LGBT community continue to be the hits for many online media, unfortunately, often times to be in the center of attention or to stoke hatred intentionally.

This means that 85-90% of published materials on LGBT community don’t illustrate their problems and no serious evidence and information is presented. They represent scandalous views or opinions of incompetent people / politicians, actors, famous people, who sometimes have no common awareness on the violation of human rights, LGBT issues, but express their opinion / unsubstantiated misinformation / information without an evidence, facts from suspicious sources, etc. /, and one of the saddest facts for a democratic country is manifestation of intentional discrimination and hate speech by the media.

It is interesting that this year NGOs dealing with human rights actively disseminate online messages, viewpoints and videos, which do not register the goodwill of media but the effective work of organizations.

The cases of violation of LGBT rights are raised online exclusively by the NGOs dealing with human rights or through their projects for media – mostly e- media website, “New Generation” humanitarian NGO, Public Information and Need for Knowledge NGO / PINK Armenia / Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor Office, etc.  

The research conducted last year allows to make a number of comparisons / See last year research/, including indication of the key role of online news website for cases of online presentation of LGBT community problems and discrimination and disinformation of hate speech, as a counter argument to facts and source of information.

The existence of this website allows a number of citizens who are opposed to hate, discrimination, violation of rights, to present  the online information, links, and thus indicating their tolerant viewpoints.

Whereas in previous years the above mentioned citizens expressed their own viewpoints on LGBT community issues with hesitation or doubt, sometimes without facts in the online environment. The site promotes finding more often materials on the tolerance towards the LGBT community, more complete information on their current problems.

Again, comparing with the previous year’s survey, it must be stated that as a topic the “LGBT community” is being discussed parallel to public processes, as its integral part. On the one hand it states that the LGBT community is an integral part of society, whether it is accepted or not, and on the other hand, it means that the public processes are becoming a platform for disseminating hate speech.

Let’s mention specific examples: if Eurovision was the culmination of LBGT community theme, as well as the expression of hate speech in 2014 with the victory of Conchita Wurst, then at the end of June 2015  the “Electric Yerevan” public protest against the rise in electricity price became a good opportunity to once again put into circulation LGBT community related topics, such as pros and cons opinions in the social networks on them, there was an attempt to discredit the movement, looking at LGBT participation as a “black spot”, and when there appeared opinions protecting their participation and writing that they are also an integral part of the society the authors were insulted.