On July 19, long-waited meditation took place at New Generation Humanitarian NGO within the framework of “Right to Health” project.

As it was planned, at first the participants talked with our guest Arpine Galfayan about meditation, what it is in general, what are its benefits and where one should do it.

The participants actively discussed the topic as they were very interested and enthusiastic about it.

Arpine Galphayan also spoke about vegetarianism and the main reasons why people decide to become vegetarian. One of the reasons for not eating meat is that the person is worried about the protection and well-being of animals; or negative antibodies form in the slaughtered animal’s body which can also be transferred to us, or they don’t eat meat just to be healthier, etc.

After these enthusiastic discussions, A. Galphayan conducted the meditation. Afterwards the participants shared their impressions. Everybody was very pleased with the whole event.

In overall, the event was a success and NG NGO team intends to make it continuous.

″Right to Health″ project is implemented by ″New Generation″ Humanitarian NGO with the financial support of Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM), on the funds of The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria.