«Let’s overcome the fears about HIV together» meeting.

On February 22, 2017 «New Generation» Humanitarian NGO organized «Let’s overcome the fears about HIV together» meeting.

The HIV topic is unique with the fact that it’s full of diverse prejudices and formed myths which are widely spread by the society and mass media in Armenia. This results to formation of unjustified fears about HIV and people living with HIV which in its turn brings to double isolation; on one hand the society tries to be isolated from people living with HIV and on the other hand people living with HIV isolate themselves from the society. 

The meeting was attended by people who shared their thoughts and experiences concerning HIV and fears. The readiness of contribution for making the world a better place was packed in a very nice box with the red ribbon – the symbol of AIDS. The box will be opened during our solidarity dinner on February 28, 2017.

The facilitator of the meeting Elvira Meliksetyan says:

«I find such non-formal meetings and discussion very important because I believe that those are the best examples for sharing knowledge and experiences. It was a great pleasure to see so many people interested and participating in the meeting. This means that the topic is needed which motivates the organizers more to establish such spaces more often. For me it was very important to give the space to the participants for their self-expression and following their activee involvement was very exciting. It is important to mention that despite we speak about HIV and discuss the myths about it the unjustified fear about HIV still remains or reduces very slowly. I think that there is a necessity to organize such meetings more often in order to discuss diverse questions related to the psychological aspect of the topic. We still have a lot to do in this field from the point of view of mental well-being and its recovery but of course this all requires time and resources».