“Law informed citizens, safe community”

In November and December 2015 “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO funding  was conducted “Law informed citizens, safe community” grant program in Goris . 

“Law informed citizens, safe community” grant program manager David Dadalyan, September 17-18, 2015 in Goris organized “Human rights and the prohibition of discrimination” two-day workshop to acquire the knowledge of human rights, legal protection of their universal and regional mechanisms and the prohibition of discrimination, initiated through the implementation of the grant program to transfer his knowledge to young people living in remote communities. 

Lack of education on human rights, especially in remote communities at the local level is one of the reasons for the expression of discrimination. The project aimed at 5 communities of Syunik Region (Karahunj, Hartashen, Place, Shinuhayr, Halidzor) through human rights education in schools to promote the prevention of discrimination and protection of human rights at the local level 

The selected communities are not implemented due to the distance of such courses, so students anirazekvatsutyunn pretty low about their rights and discrimination, and the rights due to the elementary ignorance is manifest discrimination against various groups.

Program within the 5 municipalities (Karahunj, Hartashen Syunik Region, Place, Shinuhayr, Halidzor) schools implemented a training course on human rights, universal and regional legal mechanisms for their protection, as well as the prohibition of discrimination.

Organized interactive games, group discussions, film screenings. Also created by the email network and the Facebook group, which contributed to further communication and cooperation to ensure the participants of the course and acquaint different news.