“We try to encourage conscientious and professional journalists”

“New Generation” Humanitarian NGO’s Human Rights and Advocacy programs coordinator Nare Hovhannisyan, and journalist-researcher Nane Bagratuni in Media Center presented two researches conducted by the organization: “Instances of Discriminatory Treatment with regard to LGBTI People in Armenia” and “Intolerance and discriminatory attitudes in mass media towards LGBT people 2016”.

Nane Bagratuni said the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex) people are mostly exposed to discrimination and violence in their families and in law enforcement agencies – police, prisons, the army.

Survey was conducted in 10 regions of Armenia and in Yerevan city. The researcher conducted in-depth interviews with 111 people. Most of them were members of the LGBTI community. Nan Bagratuni noted that in power structures discrimination against LGBTI people is accompanied by psychological and physical violence. LGBTI persons are subjected to discrimination by health and religious institutions too.

Nane Bagratuni emphasized that LBGTI community is an integral part of our society and they have the same stereotypes that exist in Armenian society. “There is discrimination within the LGBTI community. For example, homosexuals have transfobia, they do not accept transgender persons” said Nane Bagratuni.

Nane Bagratuni and Nare Hovhannisyan noted that mass media also contributes to the spread of hatred against LGBTI persons. “Our specialists examined over 30 articles, in 10 of them calls for violence and hatred were evident from the title.”

Nare Hovhannisyan said that journalists often use abusive terminology because of their lack of information. “Sometimes written material is neutral, does not offend anyone, but there is incorrect terminology which is also offensive for the community.”

Nare Hovhannisyan noted that “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO organizes “Diversity” Journalistic Award since 2015 to help to improve the quality of information on LBGTI in the media. “Last year we were received 10 articles, high-quality materials are not so much yet. We try to encourage journalists to enable them to perform their job conscientiously and professionally, said Human rights and Advocacy program coordinator.

“Diversity 2016” award ceremony will take place in February 2017.