Importance of legal mechanisms for protection against discrimination. The third day of the course

It’s already third day that “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO provides “Civil society organizations are on front line for Equal Rights” seminars for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) representatives from different regions of Armenia and from Yerevan. The expert of seminar today was Anahit Simonyan, who is acquainted with the participants and introduced the discrimination as a legal  problem, talked about international and national documents regarding discrimination. Participants recalled knowledge received in previous days, and used them in different team working tasks. Anahit Simonyan also introduced the reasons why we needed the “anti-discrimination” adoption law, and presented several legal arguments. In the end of the day formed a common belief that discrimination should have legal mechanisms to protect every member of our society. Also LGBTI people discrimination issues were discussed in the end of the seminars, and a movie watching was organized in this theme.

The training organized in frames of project “Empowerment of the CSOs and Mass Media for elimination of discrimination against LGBTI people in Armenia”by “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO.