On the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, May 17th, 2016 “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO organized “Initiatives of legislative changes for protection of rights of LGBTI people in Armenia” conference which aimed at raising the level of public awareness on the necessity of those legislative changes that contribute to the development of protection mechanisms of rights of LGBTI people and their integration into the society.

The conference was organized in the scope of ″Reinforcement of legislative mechanisms regarding protection of rights of vulnerable groups for rule of law″ project funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tbilisi, Georgia. 


Grutyun-VostikanutyunTaking into consideration the negative impact of the status on the society, ″New Generation″ Humanitarian NGO sent a letter to the Head of the Police of Armenia Vladimir Gasparyan, where it is particularly written: ″ We are concerned that the public threats and claims for hate speech can be converted into real actions – hate crimes based on discriminatory approach towards the LGBTI community and human rights defenders.

Honorable Mr. Gasparyan, please take into consideration this report and provide with legal procedure to ensure the security of the Organization and its employees, as well as the free and unbending application of their rights ratified by the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia.


G7 siteOn the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia May 17 2016 after the conference ″Initiatives of legislative changes for protection of rights of LGBTI people in Armenia″ organized by ″New Generation″ Humanitarian NGO and other events organized by other organizations, stop-g7.com website was created on the Internet which spreads threats and hate speech towards LGBTI people in Armenia. Its articles are shared by particular people on different Facebook pages. The website is bilingual: Armenian and Russian. They have published ″The US Embassy in Armenia propagands homosexuality″, ″The operation of perverts and their supporters in Armenia″, ″The participation of the ambassadors of the Great Britain and Germany in the closed event of perverts″  and ″Defender of perverts Lara Aharonyan, President of ″Women’s Resource Center″ in Armenian and Russian, which weren’t commented on the website but on the Facebook pages of stop-g7.com and Pan-Armenian Parental Committee had about 366 likes, 212 shares and 143 comments.  

On May 28 the ″Armenian World″ published ″Only with the help of the society’s resistance it would be possible to prevent the legalization of degeneration in Armenia″ interview with founder-member of “The restoration of sovereignty” initiative Hayk Ayvazyan, which was reprinted on http://armsovereignty.com/, shared on the Facebook page of the Pan-Armenian Parental Committee and had about 32 likes, 3 shares and 2 comments.  

In response LGBTnews.am published ″A false wave of homophobia or why are noising the marginal″ article, where the author tried to determine the reasons of the above-mentioned publications.

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