“Human Rights For Diversity and Equality”

narvegiSince January 2015 “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO  with the financial support of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee implements “Human rights for diversity and equality” project. 

The goal of the project is to support promotion of human rights protection of LGBTI people in Armenia through capacity building and awareness raising activities.


  1. To develop a concept regarding LGBTI rights protection and to present it to the Armenian Government.
  • To conduct a survey about LGBTI rights violation cases and gender stereotypes in 10   regions of Armenia and in Yerevan. On the base of the Human rights violation documentation of LGBTI people the concept will be prepared and presented to the Armenian government. 
  • To conduct a research in online platform for highlighting the materials that include violations of the rights of LGBTI people, hate speech and intolerance.
  1. To raise the level of knowledge of youth of 10 regions of Armenia about human rights, tolerance and diversity in the context of LGBTI rights protection.
  • To conduct a 4-day training course on human rights and tolerance, ethics, ethical norms and highlighting the problems concerning LGBTI issues and gender stereotypes in Armenia for 200 youngsters from 10 regions of Armenia
  • To organize Mass Media annual award for the best composition on LGBTI related issues.
  1. To raise awareness among the LGBTI people on their rights and duties.
  • To provide anonymous and free of charge legal consulting services for LGBTI people and to support them to make legal documentation for court cases.
  • To provide consultations with the psychologists on social isolation and social aggresion. The consultation will provide capacity how to response to the social isolation and aggressive behavior.

Target groups:

  1. Representatives of human rights defender organizations,
  2. The youth,
  3. Civil society representatives,
  4. LGBTI people,
  5. Representatives of Armenian Mass Media,
  6. Representatives of state institutions.


  • 2015-2017

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