Human Rights and HIV, the Concept of Human Rights and Protection Mechanisms

On June 15, 2017 the regular training for the representatives of Trans* community was held at Right Side NGO office within the framework of Right to Health project jointly implemented by New Generation Humanitarian NGO and Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO. The topics of the training were Human Rights and HIV, the Concept of Human Rights and Protection Mechanisms.

 To integrate the participants into the group, the training started with an interactive introduction game.

Then, the participants were acquainted with the concept of Human Rights, international and in-state mechanisms of their protection, the procedure and conditions for applying to the European Court of Human Rights. Legal regulations on HIV were interpreted and the framework of privileges granted to people living with HIV  were introduced to the participants.

With the help of the trainers, the participants tried to distinguish human rights violation cases from crimes.

 Also a reference was made to the concept of Discrimination, its grounds and types. Next, followed the Individual Network of Interrelations interactive game. The discriminatory opinions and stereotypes voiced in the training room were pointed out through this game and another opportunity was given to the participants to reconsider their views, discriminatory attitude towards certain groups of people.

At the end of the training New Generation Humanitarian NGO lawyer Anahit Mkrtchyan gave legal advice to the participants, as well as conducted a mapping of activists from among the participants aiming to create an MSM and Trans* Community Activists’ database for the active inclusion of the communities into the human rights defense activities, in particular, monitoring and documentation of cases of violation of the rights to healthcare.

It should be noted that the training was organized  within the framework of  Right to Health project which  is implemented by ″New Generation″ Humanitarian NGO in partnership with ”Right Side” Human Rights NGO and funded by Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM), Global Fund.