Training in Hrazdan

”New Generation» Humanitarian NGO held a three-day training on Human Rights, Tolerance and  Prevention of Discrimination in Hrazdan city of Kotayk Marz, from April 26 to 28, 2017.

Topics covered during the three days of the training were ”Human Rights”, ”Prevention of Discrimination” and ”Freedom of Speech, Hate Speech”.

It should be noted that such trainings have already been held in Lori, Shirak, Syunik, Vayots Dzor, Tavush, Aragatsotn and Ararat Marzes within the framework of ‘‘Human Rights for Diversity and Equality” project.

Lawyer Hayk Hayrapetyan and project coordinator Nare Hovhannisyan from ″New Generation″ Humanitarian NGO conducted the training in Hrazdan.

Representatives of Kotayk Regional Administration and Hrazdan Civic Youth Center, beneficiaries of Hrazdan Regional Employment Agency, teachers of  Hrazdan primary schools N 2 and N 12, high schools N 10 and N 13, students of Kotayk Regional State College participated in the training.  

This time the training was distinguished by that the pupils of the above-mentioned schools also participated in the training quite actively. 

The participants were, first, introduced to the general concepts and history of human rights, in-state and international documents on Human Rights, the structure of the United Nations, European Union and European Council and the European Court of Human Rights.

And then, the definition, types and protected grounds of discrimination, in-state and international documents related to the prevention of discrimination, positive obligations of the state in human rights protection process, grounds of lawful restrictions of human rights, differences of insult, slander and hate speech were discussed.

The training was quite interactive. During the presentation of the topics, the participants watched and discussed videos about human rights and the history of human rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, discrimination and its overcoming.

ECHR precedent cases were discussed through workshops, including the case of ”Arman Sahakyan and others against Armenia”, where in-state legislative gaps, particularly the gaps related to the absence of an anti-discrimination law and legislative and regulatory compliance practices to address hatred are best manifested.

The participants also staged by role-playing the manifestations of direct, indirect and associative discrimination on the grounds of disability, sexual orientation, religion and property status in employer-citizen, society-  person with or without citizenship, state – group of people, school/educational institution-pupil/student relations and this helped to bring forward the real discrimination-related issues existing in our society.

The training was organized within the framework of ‘’Human Rights for Diversity and Equality” project implemented with the financial support of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.