A national report on HIV-related health services will be conducted

Since October 2016 “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO conducts “Support and reinforcement of the Armenian organization in response to HIV through advocacy” program with the financial support of the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Netherlands in Georgia


Within the project needs assessment of target communities will be carried out to support the implementation of the National Program of Armenia on Response to HIV through capacity building, lobby and advocacy.

On 17-18 December a seminar was organized in Gyumri in order to develop a manual for access to health services related to HIV/AIDS. The seminar was attended by representatives of NGOs accross Armenia that promote rights of men having sex with men (MSM), transgender people (TG), injecting drug users and female commercial sex workers.


After get getting acquainted with each other the participant disucess in more details HIV prevention programs and services that their organizations provide the beneficiary groups, as well as addressing aspects of the provision of services, peculiarities and difficulties of working with stakeholder groups and implementation of programs in targeted areas.


The dicsussion was followed by screening of the documentary movie ”United Response to HIV” made by “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO. Participants discussed the issues that were raised in the film, particularly the issues related to the national AIDS program.


The project expert Mihran Sevumyan presented the manual on accessment of the quality and accessibility of health services related to HIV prevention which have been conducted in the scope of the project “Support and reinforcement of the Armenian organization in response to HIV through advocacy”.


The manual presents methods and tools for assessment of HIV-related services/products availability, as well as principles of formation of focus groups, organization of meetings, etc.


After making their recommendations about the manual the participants conducted an assessment of services according to methods and tools indicated in the manual.


As a result of this program a national report will be conducted. The report will be based on the assessment of HIV-related health services provided to MSM, transgender people, HIV-positive people,

injecting drug users and female commercial sex workers. Based on this report state budgeting of health services related to HIV will be reviewed.