“New Generation” against HIV/AIDS

Over 10 years “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO has been working for HIV/AIDS prevention. During these years the young team of NGO introduced the importance of preventative programs both in local and international platforms.

“New Generation” Humanitarian NGO staff for the first time represents the main forms of their struggle.



“I have started my activism in the field of HIV and AIDS prevention since 2006. During the whole period of my activism I have been fighting through dissemination of information, awareness raising, human rights protection and advocacy”.

Arman Sahakyan



“I’m Doing my first steps in fight against HIV. Joining the “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO, one of my upcoming activities will be fighting and informing the public about ways and means to avoid HIV infection.Also inform everyone that HIV positive is not a verdict, and HIV positive persons have equal rights in the society.”

Hayarpi Noreyan



“United struggle by the direct sense of this word: we must fight for the sake of public health, for the goals we want to achieve together. We should care of each other that’s why we must fight against HIV. My way to fight is information distribution and loyalty.”

Grigor Gevorgyan



“In fight against HIV I value the awareness as for prevention, also for non-isolating HIV positive people from society. Awareness and consistency will allow people with HIV positive status to avoid the transition phase from HIV positive status to AIDS phase and will give great results of stopping HIV spread.”

Gagik Mehrabyan



“The first condition to be protected from HIV is awareness. My 5 years experience in this field proves that who is aware, he/she is protected.”

Levon Chilingaryan



“For me the fight against HIV became as important as literacy. That’s why I joined to fight against one of the pests of 20th century. During my activity I have educated more than 1.000 people, who are informed and already know about HIV transmission routes, vital fluids, correct condom using, importance of HIV testing. For prevention and awareness of HIV we must do daily work starting from school.”

Artyom Movsesyan