How to avoid hate speech? Interactive seminar for journalists

Special performances, role-play, “Rights State” plan, active discussions: all of this took place in Gyumri, from 10-12 February when “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO organized a special seminar for journalists from regions and the capital.


During the three-day course journalists were presented “Freedom of expression and hate speech”, “Stigma, discrimination and torture” and “International and local conventions and legislation on human rights” topics. The information was not provided to journalists

Seminar-training was very intensive, highly interactive and practical. Journalists were presented basic knowledge on given topics and encouraged to participate in discussions, games and performances that led them to discover discriminatory attitudes themselves and respond to it.

Journalists were asked to cover a story performed by a trainer and NGO’s member in order to check whether the hate speech used by one of the role-players will appear in journalists’ text. Many participants quoted directly role-player’s words full of hate speech. Journalists were explained on the given example how to avoid reproducing hate speech in their texts and reportages.

The seminar was organized in the scope of the project “Empowerment of the CSOs and Mass Media for elimination of discrimination against LGBTI people in Armenia” that enjoys the support of Allies in Action program by COC Netherlands and ILGA-Europe.