Visit to Germany

On June 19-26, 2017, “New Generation Humanitarian” NGO staff members and other NGO representatives made an educational visit to Bavaria by the official invitation from the Youth Union. During  the visit,  German  Russian-speaking colleagues organized a meeting with the local “Bayerischer Jugendring”  youth organization, during which they discussed the ways of youth projects implementation as well as  refugee youth problems  living in Germany  and the ways  of support provided by the organization.  Also  a meeting with one of the local deputies was held on this problem. 

Then a meeting was held with the volunteer  Konrad Breier, from “Munich-Kiev Queer” organization, who presented the problems of the LGBT community in Bavaria and the goals set out above. Next, followed a meeting with the “Munich HIV Assistance” organization, where they presented the detailed methods of the projects they were implementing.

During the seven-day visit, the Armenian participants were also given the opportunity to visit several cities to get acquainted with the old and modern culture of Bavaria. The last three days of the visit were held in Wydenberg, Bavaria, where a cultural evening was organized by the Armenian participants, enabling German Russian-speaking  participants to get acquainted with the Armenian cuisine, dances and history. Afterwards, all the participants spent a whole day developing ideas, actions and expected results for the future projects.
The project left very good impressions and had positive feedbacks from all the participants, providing a possiblity to improve the opportunities in organizing the upcoming projects. On June 26, the Armenian participants returned to Armenia with great enthusiasm, good memories and new knowledge.