12105924_975867545803643_9146726894196012406_nAlternative Media section suggests to read the story, fight for humanity and determination for justice of Levon Chilingaryan, outreach worker of ″HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness raising among MSM in Shirak, Lori regions and in Yerevan city″ project.

″First I heard about HIV from my parents when the subsequent statistics were presented on TV. I remember that my family members had controversial opinions about HIV virus. Everything seemed so gloomy that I started learning every detail about HIV from early adolescence. No sufficient information was available in books, so I turned to the Internet for help. When everything was clear about HIV, its transmission and consequences I started informing wider scopes of people.

While working within the frame of the HIV-prevention project I talk to more than a dozen people who are aware of the virus, as well as ready to be tested.

Indeed, knowledge about HIV and periodical conversations with people living with HIV help to acknowledge that HIV is not condemnation and each of us has the opportunity to prevent it.

Cancer or flu do not seem strange to us. Similarly people living with HIV are among us. When I first noticed discrimination against people living with HIV I understood that we should fight for equality and justice.

I am sure that one day people living with HIV will speak up, won’t hide themselves, won’t avoid interviews with the media or publicizing their names and ages. Discrimination against people living with HIV breaks their dreams.

I work with ″New Generation″ Humanitarian NGO to prevent HIV among MSM in Armenia. Since 2013 I have participated in a number of events on HIV prevention, such as trainings, club discussions and outdoor candle lighting.

Fighting for prevention of HIV is our responsibility″.