Everyone’s rights should be protected in Armenia: training in Armavir

DSCN6311Within the framework of the ″Human rights for diversity and equality″ project ″Human rights, tolerance and prohibition of discrimination″ training was successfully conducted in Armavir. The project is implemented by ″New Generation″ Humanitarian NGO. During three days the participants got basic knowledge and practical skills on human rights, freedom of speech, hate speech and prohibition of discrimination. While talking about freedom of speech, they unanimously agreed that pluralism is the cornerstone of a democratic society. The goal of the training was to increase the level of awareness of the active youth, representatives from state and non-profit institutions and journalists from Armavir region on human rights, tolerance, discrimination, freedom of speech and hate speech. It was accompanied by interactive games, discussions and role-playing games.

Project expert Haykuhi Harutyunyan informed that we need to work with young people from regions constantly to fill the gap which exists, since we can reach intolerance only after the revolution of people’s mind.

DSCN6415 The history of developed countries shows that democratic developments were inevitably successful only because of the revolution of people’s mind. Force, weapons, violence were temporarily able to suppress the public, but the change of public attitude and mindset has been able to conquer even the strongest power. Today we do not carry weapons and do not go out to the streets  but we are trying to create an environment of revolution of mindset where the man recognizes and relies on his strengths as a citizen of the state and as a member of the society. Of course, this is an incredibly difficult and long-term job, and can succeed only through consistency. Any difference between me and the members of the same society, which results in a distinguished treatment and discrimination, is a problem. It diverts the public attention from society’s actual problems, thus decentralizes real and substantive issues that need to be part of the public agenda. Such change of mindset will surely result in the formation of demandable attitude towards the solution of not illusory, but real issues of the society, and in forming responsibility alike. We urgently need revolution of minds, thus every effort and support directed to it are more than welcomed and appreciated. If we continue our initiatives and efforts, we will definitely reach real democracy and will build a legal state.

Project expert Artur Makaryan stated that all the topics discussed at the training were important and targeted to create democratic values.

Public interest and willingness of participation in similar projects is highly demonstrated especially in regions. I would like to particularly emphasize that young participants were thinking about more democratic country and educated society, though I can’t say the same about the older generation: they are restricted to non-democratic way of thinking and judgment. Our main achievement was the definition of human rights given by the participants at the end of the training.

Project coordinator Nare Hovhannisyan ensured that the project will have continuation because the Organization has adopted a policy of educating and informing the public.

DSCN6463This training was the 6th regional meeting within the framework of the project. The main similarity of the  meetings is that the participants objectively assess group discussion on cases of human rights violations and discrimination, but in reality they are unwilling to perceive attitudes beyond stereotypes and prejudice. Maybe it was difficult but we came to a common conclusion that all of us should leave aside our subjective perceptions and achieve the desired reality, where everyone’s rights are protected. The change of public perception and attitude will be difficult to achieve, thus we need to work constantly.