“Civil society organizations are on front line for Equal Rights” seminars

It’s the second day that the “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO provides “Civil society organizations are on front line for Equal Rights” seminars in frames of “Empowerment of the CSOs and Mass Media for elimination of discrimination against LGBTI people in Armenia” program in Gyumri. Participants of the seminar are the representatives of CSOs who arrived Gyumri from different regions of Armenia.

Today seminar started with a review of previous day. Participants were very excited about actuality of topic. Expert Arayik Zalian introduced the types of discriminations,  basis of prohibition of discrimination protection and their specific features. Then participants watched a video, which was directed to Discrimination. As during previous day’s meeting, today also were organized team working discussions. Participants were more active because they used the knowledge acquired during the previous day’s training.

Topics of debates and discussions were cases of discrimination against LGBTI people, comments of topic were different. After the topic of discrimination expert Arayik Zalyan introdused the concept of prohibition of torture and degrading treatment of human dignity. Concepts of torture and the physical, psychological and moral integrity. Then he introduced Istanbul Protocol and what kind of points it contains.

Human Rights and ECHR, detailing the conceprt of universal Human Rights and history were discussed. Also discussed local legislations and international documents, history of creation of the constitution, European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court.

Then the participants learned about right ways of making a written application by the plaintiff and the defendant courts through the team work.

To be continued…