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ECOM representatives visited ”New Generation” Humanitarian NGO

Today ”New Generation” Humanitarian NGO hosted in its office representatives of the Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) Vitaly Dyuma (Executive Director) and Maxim Kasianczuk (Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator). Sergey Gabrielyan, the head of ”New Generation” Humanitarian NGO presented the projects implemented by the organization. Members of ”’New Generation” discussed with their interhnational partners issues concerning […]

“New Generation” has been selected as a board member of a regional platform

Representatives of the “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO Nare Hovhannisyan, Grigor Gevorgyan and Arman Gharibyan are participating in the regional meeting in the scope of the project Health Finance and Governance: Strengthening HIV/AIDS NGOs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. After careful observations and studies “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO has been selected as it provides HIV and […]

It’s Hard To Be Gay in Armenia: IWPR

The Source: IWPR Life for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people in Armenia, a socially conservative society where homophobia remains entrenched, is not easy. The difficulties are multiplied for those living outside the capital, where society is even less tolerant towards LGBT people.  Socialising is particularly difficult, with no LGBT-friendly venues and few public […]

Bring to Responsibility Judges that Patronize Hate Speech

Members of ”New Generation” Humanitarian Ngo Arman Sahakyan and Grigor Gevorgyan have applied to Arpine Hovhannisyan, Minister of Jurisdiction asking to initiate disciplinary proceedings against judges of  the Civil Court of Appeal Narine Barseghyan, Levon Grigoryan and Margarita Hartenyan.   The reason is unlawful behaviour towards PM Hayk Babukyanyan, representative of ruling Republican Fraction. The […]

New song and video about discrimination

We present a new song and video made by ”Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities” NGO. It was created in the frame of the project subgranted by “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO with the financial support of ”Open Society Foundations – Armenia”.   The video aims to draw public attention to the issue of dicrimination in various spheres.

How to reduce discrimination against transgender people

“Rights Side” NGO organized two-day seminar “Support to reducing discrimination against transgender people” in the frame of the project supported by the “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO. The seminar took place in “Article 3” club, Yerevan, 11-12 October, 2016.   Members, volunteers and beneficiaries of “Rights Side” NGO knowledge and skills that should be used in […]

Seminar on HIV Prevention

”New Generation” Humanitarian NGO conducted a seminar on ”HIV/AIDS Prevention and the Importance of HIV Testing” and ”Human Rights and HIV”. The seminar took place in ”Article 3” club, Yerevan, 14 October 2016.

”The Most Important Thing, Political Will is Neccessary”

President of ”New Generation” Humanitarian NGO Sergey Gabrielyan delivered a speech during the regional consultation on expansion of support to people living with HIV which took place in Kiev, Ukraine, 11-12 October, 2016.   ”We spoke about obstacles, discrimination and stigmatiosation. In our opinion, the best way to overcome these obstacles is advocacy”, Sergey Gabrielyan […]

”We should Create a Safe Environment where Everyone is Equal”

“New Generation” Humanitarian NGO’s member, lawyer Arthur Makaryanparticipated in press conference organized by the Coalition against Discrimination on struggle against discrimination and the necessity to adopt an antidiscrimination law in Armenia.     Arthur Makaryan first of all emphasized that everyone can bu subjected to discrimination in his life becoming its direct or indirect victim. […]