Announcement and call for International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia


On the occasion of the International day against homophobia and transphobia

Republic of Armenia                                                                                               May 17, 2017


The groundless violations and restrictions of LGBTQI rights and freedoms are widely spread in Armenia, and they create serious danger to the establishment of legal order, legal equality, rule of law and right in the Republic of Armenia.

Although the Republic of Armenia undertakes steps towards raising the threshold of trust in the activities implemented by different government branches of the country, however restrictions on the rights of people exposed to discrimination are still mainstream; the cases are not fully solved and the guilty are not punished.

Such cases definitely lead to the violation of law and order, including offence against the dignity of LGBTQI people, and development and spreading of climate of impunity.

Various non-governmental organizations take steps to improve the situation and inspire respect to the rights of people but their efforts very often meet with social stereotypes as well as obstacles set up by state bodies, and consequently they go for nothing.

“New Generation” Humanitarian NGO condemns any case of violence against LGBTQI people particularly based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and calls for tolerance and respectful attitude towards all the representatives of the society.

 “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO turns to competent authorities, in particular to:

RA State Bodies 

The Republic of Armenia is established as a democratic state governed by the rule of law where RA Constitution and all other laws must ensure the natural course of dignified and legally equal life of the citizens. And in order to make this idea a reality and be a democratic state not only on paper but also in real life, the state with all its government branches, excluding any manifestation of discriminatory attitude, must promote the development of a tolerant society with democratic values, as this is one of the cornerstones of the democratic state.    

RA National Assembly 

To pass an antidiscrimination law which will have a preventive role in all public spheres against any manifestation of discrimination and on any ground, not excluding and necessarily including sexual orientation and gender identity as protected grounds in the law.

To pass legislation against hate-speech, violence and intolerance propaganda.

To include sexual orientation and gender identity as grounds for hate crimes in the RA Criminal Code as well.

RA Local Self-Government Authorities 

To exclude any manifestation of discrimination and on any ground during the implementation of RA policy in any field.

To ensure legally equal conditions for the RA citizens, including all vulnerable groups and among them – the LGBTQI people, during the implementation of activities in healthcare, education, cultural, social, employment and any other important public sector.  

RA Ministry of Healthcare

To control manifestation of discriminatory attitude based on sexual orientation towards the citizens when providing healthcare services in the institutions under the ministry.

Mass Media

To refrain from disseminating hate speech, becoming part of intolerance and discrimination propaganda against minority groups of the society, including LGBTQI communities.

To comply with the code of ethics when publishing information.

To raise the awareness among the representatives of the sphere on LGBTQI issues in order that they present impartial and true-to-facts information.

Not to promote the spreading of public, discriminatory gender stereotypes.

To influence the development of tolerant public opinion contributing to the development of civil society and establishment of democracy in the Republic of Armenia.