LGBTflag“New Generation” Humanitarian NGO strongly condemns violence against LGBT activists committed by a group of people which happened on February 15th , 2016 and expresses its readiness to provide legal assistance to persons affected by the incident.

This action is an obvious harassment and is a discriminatory approach not only the LGBT community but also is against persons and organizations that protect human rights of LGBT people and their allies.

On February 15th 2016  an emergency incident was registered in Yerevan. At about 21:00 pm  three unknown persons beat  LGBT activists with swearing, mocking and there were  two girls, two boys and a one transgender woman (source of information availabel at

After the incident, the victims of violence told  the security officer curfew near the statue of Tumanyan  about the incident and yesterday the most suffered  young man went to the doctor and showed injuries and  called the police about the incident.

“New Generation” Humanitarian NGO calls to enforcement agencies to take the necessary actions to find guilty persons and bring them to responsibility.

At the same time, we urge victims to speak up about the incident and to contact the appropriate law enforcement authorities to restore their violated rights and to bring guilty persons to responsibility.

We think that what happened is an obvious hooliganism, coupled with the causing injuries to the victims.

It is necessary to take a number of urgent investigative actions  until evidence have disappeared:

  1. To take explanations about what happened, initiate criminal proceeding.
  2. Find guilty persons, as long as they do not make any attempt to avoid responsibility.
  3. Designate medical examination to determine the severity of injuries.

We believe that what happened are against the principles of humanism, human honor and dignity, inviolability guaranteed by international laws and conventions on human rights.