Your opinion matters – Transition Readiness Assessment by Civil Society

As you know Armenia is along with several countries is approaching the transitional period of GFATM  Programmes. In this regard, the Transition Readiness Assessment (TRA) is being conducted currently in Armenia. A working group is created for completion that task. The TRA working group consists of representatives from governmental, international and local civil society organizations. The assessment is conducted with a tool developed by Curatsio International Foundation. 
Besides the report developed by the official working group civil society have chance to express its opinion regarding the issue in the document which is called “Civil Society Vision on Transition Readiness of the Republic of Armenia”. The Vision will be presented to stakeholders either as separate report or as a part of the official report. 
International Consultant is involved in preparation of the Civil Society Vision. Her name is Elena Nechosina. Attached we are sending first draft of CS Visin and the table of indicators of readiness filled by the official working group. 
All interested organizations and individuals are welcome to express their opinion, make amendments, suggestions and comments about structure and content of the documents. 
As working language of the consultant is Russian, please send your feedback in Russian. We will be glad to support you with translation.
For participation in further work on CS Vision and get updates please submit your and your colleagues’ e-mail addresses to the initiative group by [email protected]
You can send your input either to all group or to the consultant by [email protected].
Useful files: