4 days workshop with the CEI representatives completed



On February 10 “New Generation” NGO launched “Awareness of issues of vulnareble groups and prohibition of discrimination for democratic society” four-day training in Gyumri. 11 representatives from the RA Criminal-Executive Department and Nubarashen, Kosh, Artik, Armavir, Sevan, Abovyan and Vanadzor Criminal-Executive Institutions took part in the training, which lasted till February 13.   

During the four days the participants covered the following topics: “Prohibition of torture / Istanbul Protocol”, “Discrimination against minorities, means for fight and prohibition”, “Prohibition of discrimination in international documents ratified by the Republic of Armenia”, “Human right / General concepts; definitions; local and international legal documents”, and “Freedom of speech; Hate speech”:

On the first day of the training legal expert Hasmik Harutyunyan presented the general concept of torture referring to the importance of elimination of torture; cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment; as well as the importance of physical, psychological and moral security.  The trainer also talked about Istanbul Protocol, its goal and significance for the target audience.  

On February 11 expert Anahit Chilingaryan presented the theory of equality and discrimination, universal prohibition of discrimination and its types, protected grounds of discrimination, as well as international documents on prohibition of discrimination.

During the next two days expert Arayik Zalyan presented general concept of human rights and its history as well as human rights protection mechanisms.  

The participants also covered freedom of speech, freedom of information, hate speech, and other related topics.

The training was organized in the scope of “Reinforcement of legislative mechanisms regarding protection of rights of vulnerable groups for rule of law”, which is financed by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Georgia.