20 youngsters got basic knowledge on international human rights conventions

IMG_2208On February 16, 2016, “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO in the scope of “Human rights for diversity and equality” project organized a training on the topic of “European Convention for the protection of rights and fundamental freedoms”. About 20 youngsters from different educational, non-governmental and other institutions attended the training, which was conducted by NGNGO lawyer Artur Makaryan.  

The participants started a discussion about the European Convention for the protection of rights and fundamental freedoms, then they talked about international human rights conventions ratified by the Republic of Armenia.

The trainer presented precedential decisions of cases of the European Court of Human Rights, which are based on discrimination.

At the end they played a group game: the participants through a group discussion chose some of the important rights and responsibilities of a newly ctreated country to have a peaceful, righteous and comfortable life. They particularly emphasized rights to life, freedom of choice, work, freedom, a fair trail, family, education, equality and other rights.

All of the participants thanked the organizers and expressed their willingness to participate in other training and initiatives organized by the organization.